For the final project, we were asked to create a 3D composition of either an art piece, a building, an interior space, or a product.

We began by pitching several ideas and creating style boards for each of those ideas. Finally, I came up with the idea to model a chair in blender and then use grasshopper to model some flowers and merge them together in Rhino. The following art board represents my initial ideas:

After having an idea, I did a few sketches to model how I originally saw my chair model coming about.

Next, I began modeling.


I began by making a chair model in Blender. To begin, I set up reference images and reduced their opacity so that I could model my chair off of them accordingly.

Next, I imported a cube mesh and used edit mode to shape it according to my imported model. Then I subdivided the surface to fix the squared off curve of the leg.

Next, I extruded the cube further and added some loop cuts to flesh out the subsurface and created the second chair leg.

Finally to finish off the chair leg, I extruded the leg up to make the back portion.

Next, to create the seat, I added a planar mesh and edited the curves. To thicken it, I added a solidify modifier and beveled the edge.

To mirror the chair leg, I used the mirror modifier and used the dropper tool to place another leg mirrored through the seat. Then, I essentially did the same steps for the back of the chair and added that piece.

After a little bit of tweaking, I exported my model for placement elsewhere.


For the flowers, I used grasshopper in Rhino.

To begin, I added a graph mapper with type bezier. Next, I connected a slider and a point with a multiplier to it. I added a few more sliders to multiply the points and get a curved shape for the points.

Next, I added another graph for controlling rotations and used the formula, pi/2*x*y to ensure the petals do not rotate more than 90 degrees. Then, I added a rotate to the points to create another arch.

Next, I lofted each piece and adjusted the graph points to create the curve I am looking for.

Then, I added another rotate for the petals.

And lastly added a scale to create the inner leafs. I then modified the graphs and number of leaves to create three slightly different flower versions.

Next, I added materiality to each flower and exported each individual one as an obj.


First, I imported the flowers and chair into Blender. This is where I composed my final model composition.

Finally, I exported this model and imported it back into Rhino to add lighting. The final renders are here:


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