Project Description:

Oftentimes, job applicants want to showcase their skills in different ways for different potential employers. Most applicants find themselves tirelessly combing through all their current resumes, making countless substitutions and formatting changes, and then saving several new files all for just one job application. Our project reduces the time and effort it takes to create a tailored resume and conveniently stores them all in one place through a web application. Sforza Resumaker allows users to import relevant data they would like to include on a resume (skills, work experience, past school information, specific projects, etc.) and then stores that information in our database, built with SQLAlchemy. We created a custom template with LaTex that saves the user the pain of having to format the information themselves. Our front-end, built with HTML and CSS with Bootstrap, allows users to create a perfectly formatted resume with one click and download the PDF. Our front-end and back-end are integrated using Flask. In addition, users can view past resumes they have created so that they can re-use them for similar job applications in the future or review the information they submitted to a particular employer. Our site is deployed on Heroku. 

Project Tracker: Jira Board (agile methodology)

Demo Video – click here to view

Virtual Control System Repo: click here

Test Cases:


Mallory Benna – Worked on the Front-End development of the website using Sublime and Bootstrap. Produced wireframes for each page, created HTML & CSS content for each page. Reworked HTML page links and images to work with Flask. Beautified the input resume data page after it was connected to Flask. Produced Milestone 6 presentation slides and video documentation. Updated Jira board weekly. Pushed code to GitHub. 

Fletcher Collins – Created the basic directory and code structure for the Flask backend. Within the Flask backend, handled implementation of the functionality for user login and registration. Implemented Python library for text stitching and form filling for insertion of user records into the LaTeX template. Also implemented a Python function for calling the TeX compiler from the Flask app. In the front end, handled populating the past resumes page with preview images and download links for previously generated resumes using the jinja2 templating engine that comes with Flask.

Christian Lamb – I mainly worked on the “Resume Data” page. My early commits were for the basic design and structure of the page. I created this using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap. Next, I learned how to use Flask. Using Flask, I created: The portion of the database that stores the users’ data, Forms for each data type with validators to ensure that NULL values weren’t introduced into the database, Routes to display the existing data on the page and allow the forms to be edited and submitted, and HTML on in the page template to integrate the flask forms into the webpage. 



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